About Kelley

KELLEY GARDNER is an Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition coach, energy healer and longtime yoga teacher who moves fluidly between subtle energy understanding and practical knowledge.   

She is an experienced teacher and compassionate listener who values the opportunity to help people live purposefully healthy, passionate and fully embodied lives. Her insatiable curiosity about how we each respond to life circumstances, whether or not we thrive, and how to cultivate resilience began in college, where a degree in Social Work set the foundation for a life of exploring the mind/body connection. Her study of intuition, yoga, meditation, psychology, and Ayurveda for over thirty years has sharpened her understanding of the journey into expanded consciousness while living fully as a human being.

As the owner of Kelley Gardner Yoga, Inc.(1999), founder of the Bindu Yoga studio (2009), and co-owner of Rasika Yoga School (2007), Kelley’s professional and personal life brings her close to individuals interested in creating vibrant and meaningful lives. She has a refined eye for identifying patterns that create imbalance (physical, emotional, routine, and diet). The body remembers all our experiences, from loving to traumatic. Food choices and routines can improve or impair health. And when we learn to listen to the body’s cues, the truth of the adage, “As above, so below” enlivens our relationship to the vast universe within us so that we can live the most extraordinary life we are meant to live.

Whether in private practice or teaching groups, Kelley is renowned for her ability to bring clarity to complex sets of symptoms and issues. By using multiple modalities, she helps her clients heal wounds of the inner landscape and strengthen their bodies as the spiritual and literal containers of their wholeness.