Curious Wise Women Pilot Group

An online, 6-month journey of growth and transformation.

February - July 2021
Maximum Group Size: 14

2020 has awakened many of us to a deep desire for more authentic connections and rich relationships with other women ready to stand fully in their light.

Grounded in yoga, philosophy, Ayurveda, meditation, and the newest scientific research in areas like breathwork and sleep, the Curious Wise Women Journey is 6 months filled with opportunities to crack your heart open, expand your mind, nourish your soul, and find your tribe.

Initially I considered only women over 50. Then I reconnected with inspiring, intelligent, conscious women in their 30s and 40s who reminded me that younger women need the experienced wisdom, strength, stories, and support of their elders. And those over 50 need the brilliance, inspiration, creativity, and forward thinking minds of a younger generation.

The Curious Wise Women Journey is designed for women ready to experience real transformation in 2021: the best physical health possible, a deeper spiritual experience of life, mental clarity, and greater emotional strength and bandwidth for life’s ups and downs. 

Is Curious Wise Women for You?

  • If you want to study the newest science and practice time-tested habits that improve sleep, create a stronger immune system, support steady energy, great digestion, and a calmer nervous system, this is for you.
  • If you want to cultivate or hone a lasting meditation practice, yep, you!
  • If you yearn for a stronger backbone while staying open and clear, and genuine comfort in your own skin while risking more to make your own difference in this world, you are already a Curious Wise Woman
  • If you want to become physically stronger and more confident in your body and if you want to learn how to listen to your body’s cues to cultivate better health on all levels, this is for you.

If you want to enrich your world through cultivating fun, rewarding, and deep relationships with other great women, this journey is for you.

The 6-month journey begins February 1, 2021. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your Curious Wise Women Package (see below).
  • Group sessions: (for everyone taking the Inward or the Expanded Journey) In the first 3 months (Feb/Mar/April), we will meet on 5 scheduled Sundays from 4-5pm. As summer approaches, we will decide, as a group, the best time for the 5 talks/discussions in May/June/July.
  • If you are taking the Expanded Journey, the additional 4 talks and 1 workshop will take place on scheduled Saturdays (dates/times TBD). All sessions are recorded for your convenience when you cannot attend.
  • We take natural breaks during the program so that the offerings unfold easily and you don’t feel rushed. And no group sessions are scheduled during the spring cleanse. 
  • You will have access to a special section on my website for all resources and handouts. 
  • There will be homework in the form of reflections, prompts for journaling, and ways to organize that help you own the many ways you are transforming.

Join the Curious Wise Women Journey in one of two ways:

  • Package 1: The Inward Journey 

  • Package 2: The Expanded Journey

Package 1: The Inward Journey


  • 6 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED ACCESS to Kelley’s yoga classes, guided meditations, and breath work (classes from 25-75 minutes) 
    • “Live” zoom yoga – 4 classes/wk
    • Video library/on-demand viewing  – currently 50+ classes
    • Audio library – currently 30+ classes
  • 10 total hours of Vibrant Life Coaching & Mastermind Sessions (recorded for your convenience)
    • Vibrant Life Coaching – talks designed to deepen your spiritual journey, expand your knowledge, support new behaviors, and build strength and resilience on all levels. 
    • Mastermind Sessions – group discussions where we unpack the Vibrant Life topics, share, expand on, teach and learn from each other! This is where relationships grow naturally and lifelong connections happen! For ease in sharing and getting to know each other, there will be the opportunity for smaller group discussions.
    • Vibrant Life Coaching Topics:
      • Create a Solid Container for Growth and Transformation: Understand how you got to today and who you are becoming.
      • Meditation: Cultivate or hone a lasting meditation practice. 
      • Sleep: Understand and access quality sleep, the most effective thing you can do to reset your brain and body health each day.
      • Daily Habits to calm your nervous system, support your immune system, reduce inflammation, build  strong digestion, give you steady energy, and improve your mental clarity.
      • Exercise: What type of yoga practices, poses, and modifications benefit you the most? What exercises keep your heart healthy? 
  • Private Facebook Group – Curious Wise Women connecting with and supporting each other throughout the program.
  • The maximum total group size is 14. (Inward and Expanded Journey combined)

Your Investment: The Inward Journey $1350

YOU are my Pilot Group of Curious Wise Women and I want you to have a special price. The Pilot Member price is a one-time offer and a $150 savings. This price is good until 12/20/20.

PAYMENT PLAN: After your deposit of $400, choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or in full.

  • $178/mo for 6 months (due the 1st of each month beginning 1/1/21)
  • $500/2 installments (due 1/1/21 and 4/1/21)
  • $950 balance in full (due 1/1/21)

One-Time Pilot Price offer: $1350.  Regular price $1500.

For $400 more, come take The Expanded Journey with me! It’s going to be awesome. Read more below.

Package 2: The Expanded Journey


  • Includes EVERYTHING in Package 1…


  • 1 online Meditation Workshop with Bill Mahony, PhD, Professor of Religion, Davidson College. Grounded in nearly five decades of his own spiritual practice, and with a deep understanding of contemporary yogic life, Bill helps us understand and apply insights into yoga philosophy to cultivate and hone the practice of meditation.
      • Date: Saturday, April 17 (2 hours. Time TBD)
  • 4 Deeper Knowledge Sessions (90 minutes each, recorded)
    2021 Topics:
      • Body Cues: A Window into your Daily Health (Guest teacher)
        • Tongue Analysis: How your tongue reflects your health
        • What your Poop is Telling You About your Health 
      • Herbs that Heal: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine (Guest teacher)
      • Breathwork for Health: Modern research that shows that even slight adjustments in how we breathe can increase our physical endurance, rejuvenate internal organs, improve the immune system, reduce snoring, sleep apnea, and asthma. Enjoy a life-changing deep dive into breathing for optimal health. 
      • Acupressure for Stress Reduction and Pain Relief (Guest teacher)
  • 2 Individual Sessions with Kelley
    • 1 hour each – online sessions – can be Yoga therapeutics, Ayurveda Digestion & Nutrition, Energy Counseling, and/or unpacking your transformational journey
  • 2021 Spring 12-day Ayurvedic Cleanse
    • Spring dates  (12 days) March 14-25                                      
  • You can “gift” any Expanded Journey offering to a friend. For example: if you aren’t interested in a cleanse or a particular Health Mastery topic, you can give it to someone who would love it. (Unlimited yoga classes with Kelley are non-transferrable)
  • BONUS: The Expanded Journey members are grandmothered in at the 2020 Pilot Price of $1750 for future 6-month courses.  Mastermind Topics always change as well as a fresh look at Daily Routines and new healthy habits.
  • The maximum total group size is 14.

Your Investment: The Expanded Journey $1750

As a part of the pilot group, you also get access to join the Expanded Journey at a special rate. The Pilot Member price is a one-time offer and a $150 savings. This price is good until 12/20/20.

PAYMENT PLAN: After your deposit of $400, choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or in full. 

  • $245/mo for 6 months (due the 1st of each month beginning 1/1/21)
  • $700/2 installments (due 1/1/21 and 4/1/21)
  • $1350 balance in full (due by 1/1/21)

One-time Pilot Price: $1750. Regular price $1900. 


Remember, we grow more when we learn and practice in community

My commitment is to create a 6-month journey filled with opportunities to crack your heart open, expand your mind, nourish your soul, improve your health, and find your tribe.

As my pilot CWW members, you are my ‘go-to’ team. I’ll be looking for your feedback to keep the journey interesting, fun, powerful, and creative.

I also look to you to refer others you think would benefit and be great participants in the program. If YOU know they are Curious Wise Women, I trust you. I hope you will join me!

Want to chat? I’d love that. Schedule a time to talk by emailing me:

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Please submit deposit simultaneously with registration. I look forward to working with you!