Spring Cleanse

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

March 14-25

I look forward to this cleanse every spring. The holiday season is filled with rich food, special drinks, and lots of sweets. And we tend to eat comfort foods and heavier meals with winter’s cold temperatures. It’s all wonderful, but by February and March my system is a bogged down. I’m ready to rekindle my digestive fire and feel more light and clear again.

There are 3 things in particular that I like about a traditional Ayurvedic cleanse:

  •  My body feels nourished with plenty of delicious food. I don’t feel deprived.
  •  The daily routines are easy and doable and their benefits often felt immediately.
  •  It is broken up into three 4-day sections that make it easy to honor and follow.


What is an Ayurvedic cleanse?

Every day 60% of our energy goes towards digesting what we take in to the body! In this cleanse, we eat easy-to-digest foods so the digestive tract doesn’t have to work so hard. This invites the body to rest, repair, and rejuvenate.

An Ayurvedic cleanse pulls toxins out of tissues and into circulation so they can be eliminated. Even though this cleanse is gentle, you may feel occasional ups and downs emotionally and physically. To support you, the Ayurvedic cleanse includes lots of healthy, calming daily routines that nourish you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

 A staple food in the cleanse is kitchari (rice, split mung beans, ghee, and spices). Kitchari is easy-to-digest and healing to the digestive tract. Ghee, the primary fat in the cleanse, is also easy to digest and often acceptable by people with a dairy intolerance. For those allergic or who choose not to take ghee, there are alternatives.

Why cleanse in the spring?

The heavier, fatty comfort foods we eat in winter can add weight around the belly and congest the lymphatic system. Our lymph system is critical for detoxifying the body and helping us absorb nutrients. Come spring, the body needs a fat-burning reset.

And according to Ayurveda, spring is considered nature’s New Year, a time of renewal. The practice of cleansing in the spring (and fall) is an important part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Cleanse

  • Supports maintenance of healthy body weight
  • Improves energy level and sense of vitality
  • Calms the central nervous system
  • Supports a calm and clear mind
  • Promotes regular and healthy elimination
  • Helps restore good sleep

Online Traditional Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

March 14-25

12 day cleanse (4 day pre-cleanse, 4 day main cleanse, 4 day post-cleanse)

To maintain good health moving from winter to spring, it is important to reset fat metabolism and eliminate built-up toxins. This traditional Ayurveda Spring Cleanse uses daily routines, food, movement, and breathing techniques to help the body reset and rejuvenate.


  • Pre-cleanse group zoom call
  • Handouts (details, instructions, grocery lists, answers to common questions)
  • Tips for a successful cleanse when your family members aren’t participating
  • Access to private group FB page for sharing experiences, questions, and comments

May I vary the dates of my cleanse?

Absolutely. The important thing is to get registered so you begin receiving support information. That said, if you need to vary your start date, please make it within 4-5 days on either side of March 14. Please inform me of any change you make.


  • The pre-cleanse group phone call will be on Tuesday, 3/9  at 7:00pm EST. If you can not be on this call, it will be recorded and posted on the private 2021 Spring Cleanse FaceBook page.  
  • The group cleanse starts Sunday, 3/14. It consists of a 4-day pre-cleanse, 4-day main cleanse, and 4-day post-cleanse.  The instructions for each segment are clear and easy to follow. If you need to vary your start date by a few days, it is fine. If you are menstruating, it is preferred that you are not bleeding during the main 4-day phase of the cleanse.

Who should NOT do a cleanse at this time?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if your body is in a weakened or debilitated state, cleansing is not recommended. If you are being treated by a doctor for any medical condition, speak with your medical professional before registering for the cleanse.

Next Steps

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email, waiver, and tips to make your cleanse more successful. I look forward to working with you!