Energy Health

Where traditional medicine relies on knowledge derived from observation and scientific experimentation, energy medicine/healing relies on subtle body perceptions and intuition. Energy work honors the non-dualistic philosophical belief that matter and energy are only different aspects of expanded reality.  

Energy work can be a very effective tool to help the body/mind release unnecessary stress and tension, allowing the breath to flow freely and the parasympathetic nervous system to bring a sense of calmness and balance. Kelley’s early studies of energy were with healer/intuitive, Cecilia Montero (late 90s) and an energy healing system called Asatti (2000-2004).

Kelley is a passionate and serious student of both ancient healing techniques and the latest scientific and psychological research and breakthroughs in health today. Her thesis was on Ayurvedic Constitutions & the Gut Microbiota-Mood Connection: The Relationship between Balancing Doshas and Psychobiotic Effects. She is renowned for her ability to demystify subtle body psychology, the chakras, and the doshas.

Energy work sessions also include breath work, guided meditation, and subtle body psychology. The sessions bring awareness to how the mystical and scientific worlds coexist and serve one another. Most importantly, Kelley is committed to teaching clients how to utilize their experiences and understandings in a session to become their own best healers.