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Traditional Fall Cleanse or Food Reboot

12 days of delicious and healthy eating.

Oct 22 - Nov 2

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Get rid of food cravings. Lose a few pounds. Establish a better relationship with food and enjoy lots of new, healthy recipes. An easy 12 days of eating delicious veggies and beans/legumes along with the following in moderation: healthy seeds, some fruits, eggs, a few whole grains, a small amount of healthy oils, and a little decaf or half-caff coffee. During the 12 days, we eliminate dairy, wheat, gluten, sweeteners/added sugar, meat, alcohol, most grains, carbonated beverages, and highly processed foods. 

Lots of easy-to-digest and delicious foods that give your digestion the break it needs to heal digestive issues and cleanse your tissues of fat soluble toxins. All 6 tastes are represented in every meal with a focus on bitter, pungent, and astringent for a more alkalizing diet. In addition to the elimination categories of the Reboot, we eliminate nuts and eggs, and the primary oil ingested is ghee. Ghee is well-tolerated by most people who are dairy intolerant, and flax oil can be substituted for those who cannot take ghee.

At the end of the main cleanse days, there is an evening purge that uses prune juice or castor oil. This cleanse kicks your body into fat burning mode which tends to last several months after the cleanse ends. Aside from that, you simply feel clearer, lighter, and more relaxed. Once you do this one a couple times, you’ll likely want to do it every spring and fall.

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Each of Kelley’s “live-stream” classes are uploaded to Vimeo for you to rent ($10) or purchase ($30)

Great for students who understand the basics of alignment. And PERFECT for students who already know my voice, style, and pacing who don’t need to see me for visual cues.



Is this you talking?
“I injured my shoulder and stopped yoga for 6 months.”
“I want to practice yoga but….I’m too tight. I can’t do it. I feel out of place. A class sounds intimidating.”

I would love to get to know you!  I’ve been teaching yoga for 34 years and enjoy helping people become confident, strong, and feel safe in their bodies.
Schedule a 1:1 with me today. You’ll come away with a 20 minute home practice customized to what you are looking to accomplish as well as foundational tips on how to move safely in your body for long term health.



Group classes
1-on-1 sessions
Teacher Training


Intro to Ayurveda
Understand your Dosha Constitution
Fall and Spring Cleanses
Digestion Issues
Diet & Nutrition

Life Coaching

Working with the strengths and challenges inherent in your unique Dosha constitution (vata/pitta/kapha)
Letting Go of Beliefs that Keep You Stuck
The Sneaky Art of Self-Sabotage
Resistance Archetypes and how to work with them
Individual Energy Work

Working With Kelley

Kelley’s refined eye for seeing the body’s emotional and physical holding patterns is informed by over thirty years studying and teaching yoga and two decades in private practice as a life coach and energy worker. Ayurvedic psychology of the doshas (each person’s unique body/mind/emotional constitution) lays the foundation for integrative coaching that builds on clients’ natural strengths and challenges. Kelley listens deeply and between the lines as unique patterns emerge. She holds the many influences on an individual’s health with great care. Whether building digestive strength, calming the immune system, relaxing the nervous system, or untangling webs of emotion that cloud the mind/body, Kelley honors each person’s life and appreciates how important it is for growth work not to overwhelm the system.

Her sound knowledge of yoga therapeutics supports clients whether they are healing from injury or desiring a great beginning on the yoga path. Kelley teaches breathing techniques and meditation to increase body awareness and support a deep re-connection to Self.

As a certified Ayurvedic Digestion and Nutrition coach, Kelley educates clients on the Ayurvedic perspectives of digestion, how to recognize signs and symptoms of imbalances in the body/mind and to make diet and lifestyle choices to restore and maintain optimal health.

Kelley creates opportunities for clients to experience real and long-term positive life changes.

When that unmistakable longing awakens inside you, reach out.

Work with Kelley Gardner in person or via phone/video.