Live-Stream Video Yoga Classes

May 24 – June 29
Sundays 9am-10am (Align & Flow – All Levels)
days 5:30pm-6:30pm (Slow Flow & Core Strengthening – Mixed Levels)
Thursdays 9am-10am (Increase Your Flexibility & Strength – All Levels)

Please register and pay for the desired session(s) through the link below.

Class Offerings:

Each “live” class will be available through the On-Demand option so you can practice at your convenience.

Slow Flow & Core Strengthening

Build confidence, endurance, and knowledge while moving through short, smart sequences that incorporate flexibility, strength, and balance. Because we need variability in practice, we pulse between core stability work, great hip/shoulder openers, deep stretches, and fluid movements, all wrapped around solid, steady breath work. A great way to end your day and start your week!

Increase Your Flexibility & Strength

Think slow movements with a deep appreciation for breath practices and learning how to actually become more flexible. Intelligent stretching that feels safe in the body/mind calms the nervous system. This class is perfect for beginners and continuing students who savor the art of bringing body, mind, and heart into harmony while keeping the practice simple, clear, and loving.

Align & Flow

Align & Flow includes a mix of foundational poses, movement with breath, and sequences that build strength, flexibility, and knowledge to work towards more advanced poses. We break down key poses to create deep body knowledge of good and safe physical alignment. This class empowers you to feel confident exploring more in your practice with a greater sense of stability, freedoom, and ease in your poses.

How does this work?

I use Zoom, an online meeting platform, perfect for taking a live-stream yoga class. Access Zoom from computer, tablet, or phone.

Rates for live-stream classes on Zoom:


per adult per class


for high school & college students under 25, and anyone for whom the regular price is difficult to pay 


If you would like to help others pay for yoga classes, please use and in the payment note write “Paying it Forward.”