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For a long time I’ve imagined offering yoga to students in new and different ways, never knowing I would need to step up and out of my comfort zone so fast. The world health crisis has challenged me to grow and I hope that my offerings will help us connect and to love, and feel loved, through these uncertain times and well past.

Sundays 9-10am
NEW! Tuesdays 7:30-8:30am
*registration required*


Antiquity/Cornelius.  Lady Glencirn “green”
All mats must be at least 6 feet apart.
*registration required*

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Each of Kelley’s “live-stream” classes are uploaded to Vimeo for you to rent ($10) or purchase ($30)

Monthly subscription: $9.99/mo
COVID-19 Discount if needed: $4.99/mo


Group classes
1-on-1 sessions
Teacher Training


Intro to Ayurveda
Digestion Issues
Diet & Nutrition

Energy Health

Individual Energy Work
Psychology of the Doshas

Working With Kelley

Kelley’s refined eye for seeing the body’s emotional and physical holding patterns is informed by thirty years studying and teaching yoga and two decades in private practice as an energy worker. Ayurvedic psychology of the doshas (each person’s unique body/mind/emotional constitution) lays the foundation for integrative coaching that builds on clients’ natural strengths and challenges. Kelley listens deeply and between the lines as unique patterns emerge. She holds the many influences on an individual’s health with great care. Whether building digestive strength, calming the immune system, relaxing the nervous system, or untangling webs of emotion that cloud the mind/body, Kelley honors each person’s life and appreciates how important it is for growth work not to overwhelm the system.

Her sound knowledge of yoga therapeutics supports clients whether they are healing from injury or desiring a great beginning on the yoga path. Kelley teaches breathing techniques and meditation to increase body awareness and support a deep re-connection to Self.

As a certified Ayurvedic Digestion and Nutrition coach, Kelley educates clients on the Ayurvedic perspectives of digestion, how to recognize signs and symptoms of imbalances in the body/mind and to make diet and lifestyle choices to restore and maintain optimal health.

Kelley creates opportunities for clients to experience real and long-term positive life changes.

When that unmistakable longing awakens inside you, reach out.

Work with Kelley Gardner in person or via phone/video.